Audionite is the stage name and project of Szymon Rabowicz, a 25-year-old from Berlin who started his career as a producer and began making music seven years ago. He discovered dance music very late so he refuses to stick to the rules and rightly so, what with his already huge span of influences. For a producer who grew up listening to Hip Hop and R&B, his sounds are far from the block parties in Brooklyn and are much more at home in the underground clubs of Berlin.
With Audionite you get cool beats that sound a bit like dark ’80s new wave – think of New Order or even Erasure or an even more electronic Depeche Mode just a bit more aggressive than all three and almost entirely devoid of any lyrics. Audionite is all dance!

Acting all the years behind the curtains releasing stuff on small labels this guy has got quite a reputation in the underground blogcommunity before his final breakthrough. The deciding moment in his career was when Boys Noize got to know his music. He decided quickly to sign the talented artist and to bring out some of his tracks as soon as possible.
On his BNR debut he presents a four track EP to show his overall production skills and love for the rough, romantic and sometimes dark sounds. Four tracks between Techno & Electronica giving a great insight into what’s making the kids go crazy not just on the dancefloors. The EP is already supported by nameable artists like Mr. Oizo, Brodinksi, Crookers, DJ Mehdi, Mixhell, Shadow Dancer Djedjotronic and Strip Steve to name a few.