For several years now DJ JNS is causing trouble behind the decks at the clubs in and around Brunswiek. He was one of the founders of ‘Flashtastique’, a longstanding weekly electro-party at the Nightflight Club (Jolly Joker). Being resident there he gave other DJs the opportunity to gain experience in the clubs. Futher, DJ JNS is co-host of “RAVEN!”, the wildest electro-party in town.

Of course he is not only bound to his hometown Brunswiek. No matter whether it’s Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin… His DJ-sets are full of passion and energy and you can feel that he loves and lives the music he plays out. He shared the stage nationwide with big acts like Dirty Disco Youth, Belzebass, Dumme Jungs, Sawgood, F.O.O.L., Disco Trash Music, Fukkk Offf, Duo Synchron, Azzido Da Bass and many more. Apart from the decks, DJ JNS is co-founder of Fake Moustache Records, where he supports other acts and promotes events together with the rest of the crew. In addition, he is part of producer-duo CRAVINOFF. Together with Jan Dary, they produce banging electro tracks.

Furthermore DJ JNS is part of the banging Electro-Act CRAVINOFF.

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„Fresh from the grave ready to rave“ – In 2008 the young DJ and producer CURRRSEDPHIL jumped out of the darkest depths of the graveyards to make the Electro scene in Braunschweig rise from the world of the living dead. Since then he has more than massively succeeded with this blood-surging mission!

Pioneering the now nationwide legendary „RAVEN!“ event out of his hometown into the Electro-universe it quickly established itself as a synonym for a collective and ultra-excessive madness!
The name of the event not only pioneered a youth lifestyle but also quickly exceeding the borders of bassdrenched Braunschweig. A „RAVEN!“ inspired vivid community quickly got established and led him to cofounding the label „Fake Moustache Records“.
Mix his multi-directional creative approach with extremely good anticipation of the crowd – and you‘ll find these reflections in his own productions: Making a home between pumping bass and gnarly basslines, he will always make sure that enough personal trademark is part of the sound. Embracing related genres the crowd always knows what will get delivered: Slamming beats and maximal ecstasy never failing to surprise!

CURRRSEDPHIL has seen the decks all around Germany, covering the whole area between his hometown Braunschweig, Hannover and even rocking Hamburg and Berlin. He has shared his pair of turntables with well known acts like F.O.O.L., Belzebass, Dumme Jungs, Dirty Disco Youth, Azzido Da Bass and many more…