Foehn & Jerome

Born and raised in Kärnten/Austria, Fabian Foehn grew up listening to Jazz, Funk and experimental music. This musical impulse led him to experiment with his first turntables at the young age of 13.

Christopher Jerome also born in Kärnten grew up in a family full of musicians and took up piano at a very young age. Growing up, he became more and more interested in the intricate rhythms of deep house to the point of it taking a major focus in his life.

In 2011 the fates of these two young artists crossed paths while DJ-ing the Berlin circuit. The two clicked immediately and the Dj and producer duo Foehn & Jerome was born.

The future looks bright for these two. By sending their good moods in countless collaborations and productions on the way and emphathising with their audience in a perfect way.

Resident Advisor