Fukkk Offf

Consistently topping digital download charts and garnering the respect of his peers and fans alike, it seems that the nice guy of dance music doesn’t really live up to his aggressive moniker, until of course you hear the music. Through various guises and even some (still) very top secret projects, there’s not a single club goer from Toulouse to Tanzania over the better part of 15 years that hasn’t experienced Bastian Heerhorst’s aka Fukkk Offf’s signature in your face four to the floor bassline.. and loved every minute of it.

Touring non stop for the last 3 years hasn’t meant any shortage of original releases and remix work, with hit after hit being put out on some of the most respected labels around the planet. From his New York based home label Coco Machete to boutique French electro label Citizen to the big guns at Universal, the demand for his unique impression has slowed down about as much as the demand for his energy filled live shows – it hasn’t.

You want names? How about reworking artists as diverse as the likes of Zombie Nation, Rammstein, Maral Salmassi, Acid Kids, Jan Delay, Cyberpunkers and even legendary icons like Amanda Lepore demanding his services when it comes making a great song into a timeless club anthem.

With a second original LP in the works and no globe trotting break on the horizon, this citizen of the world and Hamburg native shows no signs of letting up. And why should he? When you’re steadily bringing something new and fresh to the easily stale and cliched universe of electronic music neither would you.