Javier Logares

Javier Logares has had rhythm flowing through him since his early teens. Coming from an instrumental background, hard work and sheer talent have seen him go from strength to strength in the 6 years he has been involved in electronic music. 2011 is no different, and sees Javier turn up the notch yet again.

Having joined the Get Physical stable in 2010, things have really kicked off, with a string of successful releases and remixes. Shortly after his debut release, “El Sueño Español”, the classy single quickly got picked up by various big names, including M.A.N.D.Y., Mr. C, Thomas Schumacher and has been featured on Dave Seaman’s “Global Underground: Lithuania” compilation.

With the release of Javiers latest EP on Get Physical, Silicon Drift, we see him pushing the boundaries of his sound even further, dabbling with a slightly darker, more techy sound, to awesome effect. Remixes come courtesy of two of the scene stalwarts, Roman Fluegel and Dapayk, making this release a must have for any dance music fan worth their salt.

More recently Javier has been on remix duty for Booka Shade’s “Scaramanga EP and Kid Bliss’ summer hit “Discoshit” both on Get Physical. He has also been causing a frenzy behind the decks, having been commissioned to mix the “Get Physical: Berlin Art Bridge” compilation featuring an exclusive track of his own – “Crossing Bones”. Javier’s “Proyecto Lazer” has been featured on Full Body Workout – Volume 7. Perpetual heady string samples plus unpredictable sounds from below carry the track aloft with a quirky combination of darkness and light.

Having lived in Berlin since 2007, Javier has been enjoying regular appearances at clubs like Bar25, Arena, Goldengate, MIKZ, Ballhaus Ost, Ritter Butzke and Villa. Javier has also started running some of his own parties, with residencies held a the highly talked-about “Limit 500” in Valencia, Spain, and “Ladies First”, closer to home in Berlin, where he has already played host to fellow label artist Siopis, along with a growing list of Berlins female DJ pioneers.

His last release on the Bar25 label , titled “Intringulis”, came out on the 15th of March 2010, with a great remix courtesy of Gavin Herlihy. His first 2 EPs “The Right Clue” (digital) and “Plastik Puppe” (vinyl) are currently available on the Bar25 record label. Javier has also done remixes and collaborations with notorious Berlin DJ “Jake the Rapper” amongst others.

Having built up a formidable reputation for himself during his teens as one of the most respected and popular drummers in the Asturias Region of Spain, his creativity saw him shifting out from behind the drums, and experimenting with composition on the piano and guitar. In 2002, Javier left Spain for London, UK.

Around 2004, at the behest of a few good friends, Javier went to his first techno parties. Instantly hooked on the creativity and intricacy of electronic music, he began experimenting with music production, finding ways to combine electronic and more conventional musical elements. This lead to Javier’s first steps into live electronic music performance, with a string of collaborations under the guise of Custom 11.

Having acquired a taste for live performance, and further refining his skills as an electronic producer, Javier started playing out at squat parties and underground raves in random venues like disused police stations and kindergartens. His Dj sets have always managed to create a sense of excitement. Early in 2007 Javier decided to move to Berlin to pursue his music career. During this time he was fortunate enough to rub shoulders with some of the pioneers in the scene, and got his first track released on the “Studio Stereo” Tss-001 compilation. Returning to London for the summer, 2008 saw him hold down his first residency at the notorious London after hours ’36 Kirton Gardens’, with regular guest slots for Vulgar Disco and Sub Prime Disco Crisis. Having enjoyed one of the most musically inspiring summers of his career, Javier returned to Germany to follow up on the connections he made the previous year. Javier’s rich instrumental roots are evident in his music. Constantly fusing rich melodies and intense bass lines with all the goodness of today’s minimal and tech-house elements, his productions are constantly exciting and invigorating to listen to.

Resident Advisor