We’ve all felt that contraction of the chest, the familiar short bursts of air being sucked into your chest… “Hic…Hiccup!” – Unexpected, powerful & always rhythmic.

The Hickup duo, are aptly named.

Their song elements pluck feathers from the birds, tear fur from the wolf, drip a lil’ jungle poison by the pitch of the dark night sky…and manage to mix it all together. Freshness, with jaw-dropping tracks that are dirty & driving…the rhythms are completely infectious & grease the gears for total jackin’ on whatever dancefloor they filtrate.

Their track “Hickup Theme” was quickly snatched up at the end of 2009 by Dirtybird’s own Claude VonStroke for the “5 Years of Dirtybird” compilation. According to Mr. VonStroke who received the demo at dinner in Berlin one night, “I went back to my room and put it on and was like ‘Woah!’ I played the “Hickup Theme” that night and knew it would be signed by the next day. Hot shit!” Since then, the track has gained a lot of attention from DJ’s worldwide…bringing something fresh & unexpected to the sound game. “Hakazou,” their next effort, was also picked up by Dirtybird as a digital exclusive addition.

Soundcloud (Marceao)