Raphael Jozsa

Raphael-Daniel Jozsa, -live-dj-producer-beatboxer from Hamburg (Germany), born 1988 in Hamburg.

2003 Raphael began to produce his own Hip Hop beats.
In 2007 he started to do professional human beatbox and reached fastley the “professional” skill.
After some live beatbox shows he won the “hamburg beatbox Championship”.

At the same time he started to listen & produce elctronic music and soon he found his love for minimal music & create with his good friend Mirco Brunßen the live Act “Accord”.

Since 2010 he also began to deejaying, solo & with his friend Julian Schaub, together known as “Schaub & Jozsa”. They started successfully to promote their own Party’s & Events in Hamburg like “Funkenflug”, “Zwanzigelf” & together with their friends Jacob Groening & Daniel Wilhelm (Tanzen hilft! DJ Team) the “23 Grad” Events.

Also he learned a lot from his good friend and Philipp Wolgast. He became his mentor and they played many times together as dj team.

After weeks/months of learning, creating, playing, producing, jaming and having fun together in the Studio, Raphael decided to study Audioengeneering soon to learn more about music & sound.

During the projects with other people he always concentrate on his solo project.