Joschka Tschirley and Sebastian Habben met the first time in 2001. Regarding to the old hip-hop tradition doing the things themselves instead of only consuming, they organized parties at Joschka’s mother’s home, illegal open-air parties and after-hours at their own flat in Cologne, the „RaucherEcke“ which gave them their artist name.

As we know, the Hip-hop scene is addicted to rap music and mostly dislikes Electronic music. They managed to convince their graffiti friends of the quality of techno music and introduced graffiti art to the electronic music scene. Finally they founded the Techno-Graffiti-Collective „Urban Techno Cowboys Cologne“. As a result a sketch of the graffiti artist Busta is shown at the label artwork of their second release „Chordhose“ (200 010).

In 2007 they founded the DJ and producer team Raucherecke – Joschka started to produce techno tracks, Sebastian started to buy records. Now they are producing and DJ-ing together. 2008 they met the two 200 guys Dirk & Kai at the dance floor. Dirk & Kai just planned the launch of their label, Sebastian & Joschka just searched for a label. They produced Libido 200 which was released as the first 200 Records release. This release gave them a push – more than 60 DJ gigs have been played afterwards.

In 2012 they are one of the most liked DJ team in Cologne. October 2012 they started their first own club “I’m In Love” at Cologne’s famous Roxy.

Further releases:

Chordhose (200 Records, 2010)
Papierfabrik EP (Treibstoff, 2012)
Malibu (200 Records, 2012)