Strip Steve

As any cool kid of the 90′s, Strip Steve grew up listening to californian punk, the passion more or less regular of skateboard, and the art of turntablism. Few scratches and a failure in a rap band after, he remembered how much Armand van Helden, Phoenix & Daft Punk’s videos he used to watch before “Yo MTV rap” started, torn unconsciously his sentimental life, and more his whole existence. He started mixing at 14 with his first turntables, and slowly made parties with his friends in his hometown Bordeaux that mixed every kind of music they found exciting, with always one purpose: that the people had fun very simply.

2007. Steve is now 19 and listening for most to House & Techno. Inspired by Chicago as much as Cologne, his goal is to bring freshness and this newly digested diversity of sounds to the clubs. And he knows how to do that: his dj sets make crashing Chicago House classics (Robert Armani, Dj Pierre, Marshall Jefferson, Armando…), latest Techno Anthems (Boys Noize, Smith n Hack), early 90′s Rave Ufos (this kid has fascination for Prodigy & Bizarre Inc.) or the best raw 12′′ electronic music has ever made (Dance Mania Records, Romanthony, Todd Terry, LFO, Joey Beltram…).

2008. At the beginning of the year Strip Steve releases his first EP “Skip School” on Boysnoize Records. Yet another proof by label boss Alexander Ridha that he supports young & fresh talents. Bookings all over Europe and his first Australia Tour are the result of it. Many artists get interested in his own special sound and remixes for Shadow Dancer (BNR), Van She (Modular) and Outlander (R&S) follow. Another huge milestone in his life takes place in the 2nd half of the year.

Falling in love with the German capital Steve moves from his mum’s house in Bordeaux, to Berlin to life as a free man and start concentrating on his music. During tea time and a short studio session with Boys Noize, Steve participates in the making of a track which will become a huge single (named “Jeffer”) of Ridha’s 2nd album called “Power”.

2009. This year finally the whole world can get inspired by the Strip Steve sound. Every weekend another show. Tokyo, Sydney, Miami, he’s later the support act for the “Boys Noize Power Tour” and whole Europe enjoys his tasteful yet ecstatic sets. During the tour he still finds time to work on banging remixes for artists such as The Faint (BNR), G.L.O.V.E.S. (Bang Gang) , Das Glow (Institubes) and his 9 minute acid banger for Adam Sparkle & Dave P (Satellite of Love).

Although his neighbours freak out, end 2009 Steve can finish his new EP “Delta Disco”. With great feedback from his fans and big support by artists like 2many DJs, Busy P, Erol Alkan, Mylo, Dj Feadz, Boris Dlugosch, Andy & Jaymo (BBC One), Dexpistols, Surkin and Bobmo.

2010. Strip Steve sees some dreams coming true by releasing the remixed version of “Delta Disco”. It features remixes by his masters Ian Pooley & Sedat the Turkish Avenger (Crydamoure) along with his mates Das Glow (Institubes) & Lorenz Rhode, and newcomer Rynecologist.

In 2011 he releases a 2 track EP on BNR digital sublabel, BNR Trax with his french fellow Das Glow. The response on Calcium is very strong, getting 3rd of the Beatport Techno chart, and being played by the likes of Carl Craig, Errorsmith, Laurent Garnier, and many others…
2012 is the year Strip Steve completes his debut album “MICRO MEGA”.

The first extract of it – ”Stomp” – gathered once again the support of very various styles of DJs and had a big impact on clubs all over the world.
The second and first formal single of the album catch everyone by surprise by featuring the Californian dream pop girl duo Puro Instinct, who takes everyone on a dark disco trip to the cosmos.

Another important collaboration takes place in the making of “One Thing”, as he teams up with one of his Chicago House heroes: Robert Owens.
Strip Steve’s first full length ep is a very expected piece by everyone, as in the past he has shown a preference for quality over quantity with his releases. Making a 13 tracks record becomes an exceptional moment to go deeper into the various corners of his creative mind, by showcasing different styles such as Pop, Disco, Funk, House, Techno. A diversity we still feel very strongly in each of his DJ sets, a reflection of his generation. One creative mind bringing all people together.
With a very strong culture and a very obvious talent, Strip Steve didn’t wait long before he distinguished himself from the Internetz crowdz, and proved that he’s surely here to stay. His ecstatic and rich productions put the lightspots of the electronic music lovers on him at lightspeed.